Thermal and hydro insulation with PUR foam

Reconstruction of foam insulation


Neglected maintenance, unsuitable selection of design solution or when the wrong materials or processing procedures were applied by suppliers lacking in experience often lead to the shorting of the service life of a sprayed polyurethane insulation. This can cause the degradation of the layer and the loss of insulating properties. Another common issue today is the request for an increase of thermal resistance, i.e. the augmentation of the original sprayed layer with a new layer of foam, which is not as simple as it might look.

A better situation is when the UV protective layer is missing. The use of unsuitable, i.e. common UV coating during repairs can lead to counter-productive results, and the foam can even absorb water (condensate).

When the defects are more serious (such as de-lamination of layers, shape instability, high absorption, degradation with photo oxidation, mechanical damage etc.) we offer the removal of the part of the damaged layer with a special cutter. Highly sophisticated expertise then allows for the application of a new high quality W60 insulation layer and a new UV protective layer. With some incompetent applications of insulations on roofs the cause of the problem may be an unevenness of the sprayed layer, which prevents the drainage of water and causes defects. Even this issue can be resolved with the aforementioned procedure. Very often the degradation of the insulation layer is caused by a combination of the aforementioned factors. The repairs performed with the addition of a new layer of W60 with UV protection are assessed from the viewpoint of guarantee, as a new roof with a full guarantee.

Each roof shall be evaluated individually to choose the most suitable technological procedure. Unfortunately, there are cases when the insulation layer cannot be saved. In such cases we stipulate the condition to refuse reconstruction. We execute reconstructions of foam roof layers with a minimum surface area of 100m² or greater.

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Reconstruction of foam insulation


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