Thermal and hydro insulation with PUR foam

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PUR-IZOLACE s.r.o. is an original Czech firm highly specialised in the manufacture of thermal and waterproof insulations by spraying or casting hard polyurethane (pur) and polyisocyanurate (pir) foam in situ – at the customer’s construction site. he firm PUR-IZOLACE s.r.o. was founded in 1991. It offers complex services in the sphere of thermal and technological calculations, project documentation, selection of materials, technological procedures and implementation of Gusmer technologies (USA). It cooperates on the development of technologies with a number of excellent European experts. In 1998 the company, as the only firm from eastern Europe, obtained the Certificate of the Polyurethane Roof Training Center in the USA. We now provide our services all over Europe.

Production capacity in the Czech Republic in total consists of 9 mobile high-pressure GUSMER/GRACO technological units for polyurethane foam processing.

The origins of the Czech company PUR–IZOLACE go back to the year 1988, when the firm OSEVA from the town of Litoměřice introduced the technology of sprayed polyurethane foam insulations into production in cooperation with experts from the former German Democratic Republic.

The firm PUR-IZOLACE s.r.o. was founded in 1991. In 1992, PUR – IZOLACE Trading s.r.o., a commercial subsidiary firm, was founded. In 1994, two other subsidiaries were founded – PUR IZOLACE Opole Sp. z o.o. in Poland and the Hungarian PUR IZOLÁCIÓ K.f.t. In 1998 the Slovak PUR IZOLÁCIE s.r.o. Slovakia was founded.

Almost from the very beginning the firm focused on technological development in relation to the environment.

By 1993 (see picture) PUR-IZOLACE was intensely working on the replacement of environmentally harmful freons. Far ahead of everybody else we started producing fully environmentally friendly polyurethane foams with zero harm potential in relation to the ozone layer. In 2018 the firm carried out insulations with its own material W60, based on HFO, which is environmentally friendly from the viewpoint of the decrease of global warming (GWP). In close cooperation with foreign partners the company introduced highly resistant UV protective layers (for roof insulations) based on silicone SILICOAT®, with a long service life, including its manufacture in the Czech Republic.

The entire world-class expertise for hard insulation sprayed on in situ is contained in the product called “Insulation system PUR IZOLACE“.

Other products are “PUR Thermal insulation system“, hard polyurethane foam cast in situ and “PIR Thermal insulation system“, hard polyisocyanurate foam case in situ.

The PUR IZOLACE SOFT insulation system“ is a relatively new product (first application in 2005); this is a light polyurethane foam with an open cell structure cast in situ for sound and thermal insulations for low energy and passive constructions, loft built-in structures etc.

The PUR IZOLACE® trade name has been protected since 1992 with a trademark certificate, and the same applies to SILICOAT® products.

PUR-IZOLACE s.r.o., Litoměřice, Companies Register no. 44227744

About us

Significant commendations

A significant commendation of the expertise of the company in the field of the processing of polyurethane foams processed in situ is a mention of the firm in “A Global Market Report on Spray Polyurethane Foams“ global report, published by IAL CONSULTANTS, DECEMBER 2007.

As one of the first, PUR-IZOLACE s.r.o. (Companies Register no. 44227744) was registered in the list of specialised suppliers within the “ZELENÁ ÚSPORÁM” subsidising programme, the same applies for its products in the list of products and technologies (PUR IZOLACE insulation system, no. SVT 408 and PUR IZOLACE SOFT insulation system, no. SVT 5338).

The trade name PUR IZOLACE® has been protected since 1992 with a trademark certificate, and the same applies to SILICOAT® products.

In 2021, the firm Barvy laky was awarded the Visionary 2020 prize for its newly developed PUR IZOLACE ALBEDO system, which contributes to the reduction of global warming.

Has the following authorisations for its activities:
PUR–IZOLACE s.r.o. has all products (insulation systems) used for its activities tested by the State Testing Laboratory – Authorised entity.