Thermal and hydro insulation with PUR foam

Thermal insulation of attics and lofts


The PUR IZOLACE SOFT thermal insulation system is a very light two-component machine-processed polyurethane foam with highly diffusive properties. The origin of this special polyurethane foam is the USA and Canada. It is used for wooden constructions, for construction of low energy and passive buildings but also for the reconstruction of existing and historic structures. It is applied by spraying the surface that is to be protected or by injection into alcoves which will be completely filled, with a minimum thickness of 150mm as per the requirements for the value of the transmission heat loss coefficient U (the total thickness of the layer is not limited). The injected liquid mixture of two components reacts immediately and increases its volume 100 times – this means the complete filling of all seams and alcoves. Besides excellent thermal insulation properties, the PUR IZOLACE SOFT system in combination with other structural materials provides excellent sound insulation properties. When applied by spraying the insulation layer has a very rough surface structure. With the majority of applications the insulation layer is covered with another material (sheet metal, plasterboard, oriented strand boards), which is done for aesthetic reasons or to provide fire-prevention and mechanical protection. The layer may be mechanically adjusted to the thickness needed (by cutting or milling). Polyurethane insulation is absolutely harmless from a medical viewpoint.

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Thermal insulation of attics and lofts


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