Thermal and hydro insulation with PUR foam

Insulation of flat roofs


Thermal insulations of flat roofs are important not only from the viewpoint of heat energy savings in winter, but also during the summer period when structures are often overheated. They are often used to reduce temperatures in buildings with air conditioning units, which have a large consumption of electricity. 

The foam spraying technology creates a seamless waterproof and thermally insulating layer. This provides perfect sealing of all critical spots – passages for air conditioning equipment, necks of distribution lines etc. Polyurethane materials are not resistant to sunshine and so the surface may start to degrade after some time. In order to protect the insulation from sunshine we apply acrylate and silicone UV coatings with a service life of up to 40 years. 

The polyurethane roof coat is often used for the reconstructions of flat, slanted or variously shaped roofs, but it can also be used for new buildings. 

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Insulation of flat roofs


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