Thermal and hydro insulation with PUR foam

Decoration with sprayed PUR foam


The technology of processing hard foam provides a very wide range of uses in various fields. 

To give just one example: it can be used to produce decorations for the film and entertainment industries or for the production of TV commercials. This type of application is very popular in the USA and Asia but also in western Europe. These works require the most experienced workers and film architects are involved in the job. The pictures in the photo gallery are from work on the permanent exhibitions at entertainment parks in Germany, Belgium and from the manufacture of some film set decorations in the Czech Republic. 

The PUR IZOLACE s.r.o. firm performs this activity mainly as an expert subcontractor for companies specialising in the construction and production of film set decorations. Each order must be discussed in advance and sometimes it is necessary to produce a prototype and define the progress of work. The specific purpose of every order can be satisfied with hard, semi-hard, soft or elastic foam or with other special modifications. Choices also includes the possibility of a structural colouring of the foam.

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Decoration with sprayed PUR foam


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