Thermal and hydro insulation with PUR foam

PUR IZOLACE W60 Thermal and waterproof system


The PUR IZOLACE W60 thermal and waterproof insulation system creates a seamless insulating non-absorbent layer directly on the surface that is to be insulated. The process is performed by high-pressure spraying on the underlying surface, which can be formed with e.g. bitumen strips, sheet steel or non-ferrous metals, concrete, fibre cement, oriented strand and fibre cement boards, laminate or a number of other materials.

The insulating systems can be combined with a layer of stabilised EPS, which will provide additional thermal insulation. The PUR IZOLACE W60 system is intended especially for roof insulation. For outdoor use it is supplemented with a second UV protective layer, which protects the foam layer from the effects of UV radiation and from some other weather effects. In order to protect the insulation from sunshine we use acrylate and silicone UV coatings with a service life of 10 to 40 years. The polyurethane roof coat is often used for the reconstruction of flat, slanted or variously shaped roofs, but it can also be used for new buildings.

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PUR IZOLACE W60 Thermal and waterproof system


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